Residential Solution

Smart Solar Homes products are Designed to provide reliable power to residences ranging from the most remote off-grid cabins to neighborhood residences. Our product’s legendary durability means you will have power in even the most challenging of environments. Our Grid-Interactive inverters give you the ability to sell power back to the utility while still providing the freedom to use your solar power in the event of a power outage.

17From the date the system is installed, Smart Solar will provide a 5 year warranty covering all products supplied and installed by Smart Solar’s professional team against mechanical and electrical defects arising from either faulty materials or workmanship. Smart Solar will cover any costs associated with the replacement of these components.

All modules provided by Smart Solar come with a 10 year hardware guarantee and 25 year performance guarantee which warrants a minimum of 80% of rated capacity after 25 years as outlined in manufacturer terms and conditions.


All inverters provided by Smart Solar come with a minimum 5 year inverter guarantee which warrants any inverter failure in line with manufacturer terms and conditions.