For Commercial Purpose

Smart Solar Solutions provide a complete range of solar energy solutions including turnkey solar installation, integrated financing and solar consulting services.

You will start to see benefits from your commercial solar installation from the moment it is turned on. Benefits include dramatically reduced overhead costs, fixed long-term energy rates, and environmentally responsible business practices.

Smart Service

Smart Solar is an all-in-one service provider, with everything you need to switch to clean solar energy. We take care of every step of your project, provide a single point of contact, and are accountable throughout the life of your system. Our experience installing high quality solar systems and uncompromising service have made us a national industry leader.

Custom Engineered

Our in-house engineering team will custom design your solar system based on your facility’s architecture and your business’ projected electrical needs for the next 20+ years.Smart Solar engineers will complete a structural analysis of your facility and produce a full set of structural design and electrical blueprints. Your design plans will also contain the specification sheets for all system components, such as the solar panels and inverters for your project. Smart Solar team will then submit your approved plans to your local city government to obtain the necessary building permits.

Project Management

Your dedicated project manager will plan out your installation and coordinate all team members, including the engineering design team, installation crew and external city and utility inspectors. He will work closely with you ensure minimal disruption to your business. Your project manager will keep you apprised of project status every step of the way.


Smart Solar designs, permits and constructs solar systems to our rigorous quality standards, meeting or exceeding local building and safety codes. Additionally, Smart Solar prides itself on having a high percentage of Solar-certified personnel on our installation crews.Once we complete construction, your project manager will schedule an inspection with your local building department to confirm that the installation conforms to local regulations and with the utility company for connection to the power grid.